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At UMR we are immensely proud of the fact that in 2013 we successfully transitioned from being a student led humanitarian movement to being a professionally staffed organization while maintaining our strong student movement roots.

UMR has a national network of campus and community based chapters across the United States. These are comprised of students passionate about community service and development. Chapters serve their local communities to make them a better place to live while also supporting UMR’s international initiatives through awareness raising, youth mobilization,  professional development training and community service outreach.

University chapters are an integral and growing aspect of UMR. We mobilize and inspire the youth to create a positive impact in their community. We train and support the youth of today, to be leaders of tomorrow. Chapters all across the US support UMRs initiatives and programs, domestically and internationally. They work as a team to bring about change whether it be big or small. We currently have 13 chapters all across the US!

UMR Chapters are a great way for college and university students to get involved in their communities. Chapter host a variety of events to that transform their members and supporters into true humanitarians!

Upcoming Chapter Events

Check out some of our chapters’ events and fundraisers below. Click on their awesome graphics too to explore their Instagram pages, learn about their work, and get involved with their upcoming opportunities!


Check Out Our Chapters in Action!

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